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Electrical accidents involving high voltage lines, faulty wiring, and other safety risks can result in severe, permanent, and in some cases fatal injuries. Even with no visible burns, survivors can experience long-term muscular pain and discomfort, fatigue, problems with peripheral nerve conduction and sensation, inadequate balance and coordination, and other symptoms. When an accident results in major high voltage electrical trauma, repeated debridement, amputations, and extensive occupational therapy and rehabilitation may all be necessary to restore as much bodily function as possible. The most common scenarios in which electrical accidents occur involve unintentional contact with overhead lines, typically when a worker is being lifted by a truck or crane. High voltage lines in neighborhoods and open electrical work on construction sites present extreme dangers as well. We have represented clients in cases involving work related incidents, electrocutions in neighborhoods, and various other accidents. If you have a claim for compensation, our Indianapolis electrical accident lawyers can help you win the compensation you deserve.
Attorneys for Electrical Accidents in Indianapolis, IN

Whenever electricity is involved, it only takes one minor mistake to cause a lifetime of consequences. Unfortunately, contractors, subcontractors, utility providers, and other companies routinely take shortcuts that put their employees, customers, and members of the public in harm’s way. Safety violations are a recurring theme in electrical accidents, as are factors such as:

  • Exposure to high-voltage electricity
  • Faulty testing equipment
  • Faulty wiring and electrical connections
  • Flammable materials left in close proximity to ongoing electrical work
  • Inadequate lockout/tagout procedures
  • Inadequate voltage reduction at transformers or substations
  • Missing or faulty preventive devices (such as ground fault circuit interrupters)
  • Lack of training, experience, or communication
  • Loose wiring connections
  • Old or exposed wiring

At the Caress Worland Law Group, our experienced Indianapolis electrical accident lawyers handle cases involving these and other issues when they result in:

1. Electric Shock

Electric shock occurs when the body acts as a conductor in an electrical circuit. When this happens, electrical current flows through the body. This can cause a shock ranging in intensity from mild (involving minor temporary discomfort) to severe (resulting in permanent injuries or death).

2. Electrical Burns

An electrical burn occurs when an electric shock is severe enough to cause physical tissue damage. This damage can be external (skin) or internal (deep tissue), and extensive surgery may be necessary even to partially mitigate the victim’s pain or partially restore the victim’s mobility.

3. Electrical Fires

Electrical fires can be sparked by problems ranging from faulty electrical outlets to building materials being placed too close to exposed wiring on a construction site. For obvious reasons, electrical fires can be extremely dangerous, and burns from electrical fires will often result in permanent or fatal injuries.
Answers to Five Common Questions about Electrical Accident Compensation - FAQ Section
Potentially. If you were injured on a construction site or in any other work-related electrical accident, you may have a personal injury claim in addition to a claim for workers’ compensation.
Yes. Utility transmission lines are extremely high voltage, sometimes carrying over 100,000 volts of electricity. At this voltage, you do not have to actually touch the wire in order to be electrocuted.
Yes. If you suffered severe burns or were forced to undergo extensive surgery in order to treat your injuries, we can help you seek financial compensation for your pain and suffering, scarring and disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, and other non-financial losses.
To make sure you don’t settle for too little, the most important thing you can do is choose an attorney who has specific experience dealing with electrical accidents. An attorney who not only understands the law but also the causes and complications of electrocutions and electrical fires will be able to accurately assess your claim and make sure you seek maximum compensation.
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